Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't Tread On Me!

I called the offices of Mitch McConnell, the Senator from Kentucky, this morning with a simple question about the budget impasse. Since he is leading the charge, I thought it would be illuminating to ask about the thought process behind the Senator's obstructionist position on the looming budget default, including the comment by some Republicans that they "don't care if it destroys this nation." (Charlotte Observer Forum- July 12th- Ted Hayes)

With the deadline coming faster than a freight train I wanted some answers to simple questions, like what would be shut down, etc. After 7 calls to Senator McConnell's 7 different offices, all of which we pay for, I got no further than an "I don't know" from the Washington Office. This was better than the "I'm not sure" that I received at 3 of his other offices. Remember, we pay these people.

Calling the White House was an equally frustrating experience. After 6 calls, during which I was sent repeatedly to the Comment Line, which I specifically asked to NOT be connected, I was HUNG UP on, twice!

With Congressional members carrying guns, a White House staffed by people so ill informed that it makes you sick, and the audacity of politicians of both parties in their treatment of their constituents, who just happen to be their bosses, it is no wonder that so many people are losing faith in America.

Notice to Mitch McConnell and President Obama; your mutual lack of leadership, coupled with an unwillingness to compromise on anything, along with the complete lack of compassion for the average American, has set the tone for political change in America. It will not be business as usual during next years election. We will not tolerate the mindset of voting for the "lesser evil" anymore. We, the People, demand real change, and we need it now. You may have the tanks, but you don't have our hearts and minds anymore than you do the people of Iraq or Afghanistan. You have forfeited the honor of serving the People. And you have, in effect, forfeited your own honor as well.

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