Monday, July 18, 2011

"Barbra's Wedding" at the Old Courthouse Theater, Concord NC

"Barbra's Wedding" opened the "Living Room Reading Series" in Concord yesterday. It was a 2 person play, starring Jonathan Ewart and Melissa Bowden as a married couple living next door to Barbra Streisand on the day of Ms. Streisand's wedding in 1998.

As usual, the show was flawlessly produced and directed by Jonathan M. Ewart, 37, who has stated that his goal is to "share lesser-known plays with the community.”

“Barbra’s Wedding” was written by Daniel Stern, and concerns Jerry Schiff, played by Jonathan Ewart, and his wife Molly, played by Melissa Bowden, and the events that occur on the day of their famous next door neighbor's wedding. Ms. Streisand is about to be married to James Brolin, and Jerry and Molly are not invited.

Jerry is particularly upset due to the fact that he was the star of a now forgotten TV series, and as such considers himself a peer of Ms. Streisand's. This oversight brings out all of Jerry's feelings of failure and inadequacy, drawing him into a comical confrontation with his wife over these very issues. She is happy and content, while he feels bitter and betrayed.

With powerful performances by both Mr. Ewart and Ms. Bowden, the couple, through the rantings of Jerry, and the strength of Molly, are forced to finally confront who and what they are, both as individuals, as well as a couple.

This is yet one more triumph for Mr. Ewart and his "Living Room Reading" series. If you are anywhere near Charlotte you should check them out. Their link is posted here;

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