Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"When Did You Leave Heaven"

This is a song that I first heard in the early 1960's, once again on WOR-TV in New York. It was in a musical called "Sing, Baby, Sing" from 1936, written by Richard Whiting and Walter Bullock. The song has been recorded by scores of artists over the years, including Big Bill Broonzy, Louis Armstrong, Pat Boone, Bob Dylan and even Jools Holland from Squeeze. My favorite is the unreleased version by Eric Clapton.

Here is a video link, courtesy of you tube, with Eric Clapton singing these lyrics on a train in 1978, while crossing America on tour. The embedding was disabled so I can only post the link;


When Did You Leave Heaven

When did you leave Heaven?
How did they let you go?
How did you leave Heaven?
I’d really like to know.

Why did you trade Heaven,
For all these Earthly things?
Where did you leave your Halo?
And where did you leave your wings?

Haven’t they missed you?
And can you get back in?
And if I dared kiss you,
Would it be a sin?

I am only human,
You are so divine.
Why did you leave Heaven?
Angel of mine.

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