Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blogging a Star (Light Years and Robert Todd Lincoln)

Some of the stars we see each night have been dead for millions of years, so far away that their light still reaches us. We measure this distance in light years, and immortalize it the lines of plays, such as "The Petrified Forest", where Leslie Howard emotes over them in his famous soliloquy in that film. Blogs are kind of like that, too.

Most of my daily "hits" are not connected to that days post at all, rather they are a composition of peolpe searching for information on a particular subject. That some find my posts useful is really cool. That some even come back again is truly amazing. Seriously, some of the most popular things that people read on here were written almost 2 years ago!

Robert Todd Lincoln still leads the pack each month. Who'd have guessed that one! This guy has a real following. Were he alive today he would undoubtedly be a King on Twitter. Ronnie Dunn is always in a faithful second place, with his hit "Bleed Red." This was another surprise, since, at the time, I threw it on because I like the song, and wanted the day off.

But my point is this, the ideas which you impart, or the words you speak today are never lost. They, like the stars, go on shining, some longer and brighter than others, but all go on shining just the same. So, some of these things may not be read years until years from now, long after I am gone. How cool is that? And though I think I have written about this before, I still find it amazing.

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