Saturday, June 4, 2011

Michelle Malone in Charlotte

Despite a bad summer cold Michelle Malone and company delivered a blistering set of music last night at The Evening Muse. The selections ran the gamut from the hard rocking opening numbers of "Let Me Be Your Camera" and "Flagpole", to the acoustic sounds and vocals of "Avalon" (an audience favorite) and "You Bring the Weed." (Also an audience favorite.)

With solid backing by Phil Skipper, who plays his bass with fluidity, and the insistent beat of drummer Linda Bolley, the house rocked from the foundation to the rafters.

Always a generous performer, Ms. Malone gave the stage over to Barb Carmen, with whom I was unfamiliar, and she scored a couple of new fans. Ms. Malone re-took the stage with an acoustic number, "Strength for Two" before launching into a final hour of pure rock and blues, highlighting numbers such as "Tighten Up the Springs", "Lafayette", "Restraining Order Blues", "Winter Muscadine", and a host of others, leaving the crowd fully satisfied, as usual.

You really have to wonder how she does it. Pulling up in front of the Muse about 30 minutes prior to the show, lugging everything inside, and then setting up, all while the bar has it's own house music blaring cannot be easy. But she pulls it off everytime.

This was a very special evening for me- at one point I got hit with one of Ms. Malone's magic "flying" picks, which I instantly retrieved, still hoping that the secret to her amazing guitar abilities lie in one of them. Well, I can hope, can't I?

Hit the link to her site, check the tour dates, and then run, don't walk, to get in early and have Michelle Malone rock you to the bone!

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