Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day and the 49 Star Flag

Back in 1959, when I was in Kindergarten, Alaska had just been admitted to the Union, bringing the total number of stars on the flag to 49. Notice the pattern of the alternating rows of stars. Four and three, repeated seven times, for a total of 49 stars. It wouldn't last long though, and so most Americans have never seen a 49 star flag.

In 1959, when this flag was released on July 4th, Hawaii was already on it's way to becoming the 50th State within a year's time. This posed quite a burden on the Public Schools in New York City, where I lived at the time. Imagine replacing every flag, in every classroom, in every school! Now imagine the enormous expense involved in such an endeavor.

The solution was easy, the school system simply waited out the summer months and the 50 star flag did not make it's appearance in my school until the following year, when Hawaii was admitted into the Union.

So many people are unaware of this unusual flag, and today is Flag Day, so I thought it would be colorful, and informative, to display it here. Happy Flag Day!

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