Saturday, June 11, 2011

The New Patio

Rooftop has moved outdoors! They say it's unhealthy to breathe the air, but after being in most of the winter, my old bones are enjoying the heat. Our new patio was completed yesterday and I am already sitting comfortably outside reading, drinking sweet tea, of course. And they say that's bad for me, too.

The new patio is a gift from me to Sue, or Sue to me, or perhaps a gift to one another. It doesn't really matter. We both love it. At 300 square feet it's not the biggest patio on the planet, but the worn rumble stone pavers lend a little softness to the yard, plus it cuts down on the area we need to mow.

So, when you think of me, and where I am, this is probably the spot where I will be doing most of my summer reading. It's not too far from home and the traffic's not bad at all.

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