Friday, May 27, 2011

Michelle Malone - "Flagpole"

This is Michelle Malone live @ Blue Ridge Concerts on March 11th. Sue and I just picked up tickets last night to see her here in Charlotte next Friday. An accomplished musician, guitarist and singer, Ms. Malone has been hard at it for over 20 years now. She plays every conceivable venue, from house parties to baseball stadiums. Her guitar abilities are unequalled, and her voice doesn't shatter glass- it's so pure that it passes through it. With a repertoire of songs ranging from folk rock to gut wrenching blues and rock, she is the master of slide guitar, and can make you cry with a simple ballad.

The song above, "Flagpole", is a great example of Ms. Malone's versatility. I have seen her do this with a band, both acoustic and electric. Now here she is doing the same song solo, with a wonderful acoustic break reminiscent of a bass solo!

The last time I saw her live I asked her for a used pick, hoping to tap into her creative DNA. She gave me the pick, and I went home confident that I now had the key to her super powers. It didn't work, and all I got was a sore arm. But my ears are doing great, and I'm ramping up for next Friday night here in Charlotte at the Evening Muse in NoDa. If you have never seen her perform, you need to get on You Tube and check her out. Then you can go to her website and buy some of her albums.

Here is the link;

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