Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Okay to Be Takei!

I'm not that involved in the Gay Rights issue, and although I realize that it is an important one, I'm just tired and don't want to debate with anyone, about anything, anymore. I just want to read, listen to music, and share it on my blog. Ocassionally, I do get off on a tangent, and I hope you forgive me when I do.

This video was on the news this morning and I had it figured for another politically correct bunch of crap. I didn't even watch it until I was going to make fun of it, without watching it first. So, you can imagine my surprise when Sue and I were watching this video, and I realized just how good it is. It's really funny, and clever. Sometimes it takes a bit of humor to put a point across more effectively. And, did I mention that, I just love it when I'm wrong?

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