Monday, May 16, 2011

Mayan Calendar 2012 - The Beginning of the End.

My morning routine usually consists of waking up, brushing my teeth and sitting down for breakfast with the newspaper. I am accustomed to doing the crossword puzzle, reading Ask Amy, and then I move on to Billy Graham and the Horoscope. You can imagine my surprise today when I found that I did not exist!

The crossword went well, and some 49 year old guy was lamenting the loss of his true love in Ask Amy. Billy Graham and I had our usual sparring match concerning religion, and then it was time to see how innaccurate my Horoscope would be.

I looked up and down the row of astrological signs in vain for myself. My wife was there in Virgo, and my kids were all in their respective spots, but I was nowhere to be found! Removing myself quickly from the dining room, where I had last spotted myself, I went upstairs to see Sue in her office. It's a good thing she was in and I was able to validate my existence!

I'm 56, going on 57, and over the years I have had five star days, four star days, even a one star day. But I have never had a day where I was totally missing! I had plans today, and I will go forward with them, the lack of direction from the Horoscope notwithstanding. I only read them for fun anyway, but first I just had to comment on this strange and unusual event.

They say that the world might end next year in 2012; you know, when the Mayan calendar runs out? But I think it's already started, with Libra, and me.

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