Monday, May 16, 2011

Daveste’ Vineyards - Troutman, North Carolina

Sue and I went to the Davesta' Vineyards, located about 25 miles north of us in Troutman yesterday. North Carolina has some very good local wines, a resource that dates back to colonial days in the area, and has recently enjoyed a revival. Daveste' Vineyards is the first one to open in Iredell County, just north of Mooresville. With 52 acres of grapes, this little vineyard puts out some fine wine.

The grounds are beautifully kept, the white building to the right in the photograph houses the actual winery, where tours are available twice a day. There is also a "Tastery" where you can sample the various wines, or, if you prefer, order a glass of your favorite locally grown wine. I chose a Merlot, which had been aged for 14 months in a wooden cask. Full bodied and smooth, it was a fine change from the more "thin" tasting Merlots that one usually encounters in more expensive wines.

The Daveste' Vineyards is also a wonderful place to simply stroll around, looking at the pond and the animals is both soothing and educational. Luckily, we arrived on an "educational" day.

The tree at the edge of the pond is home to a large birdhouse. Two black snakes, probably looking for food, were in the birdhouse, and having already eaten the eggs, were trying to make good their escape from the scene of the crime. But every time they got about 3, or 4 feet of themselves out of the birdhouse, someone was there to take a picture, forcing them to retreat back inside.

It went on in this manner for some time, as people came and went, taking pictures as they did. To complicate matters there was a tree across the pond, upon which sat a huge hawk, watching and waiting out the two snakes. I don't know what happened after we left, but my money was on the hawk.

A great local excursion for a cloudy Sunday afternoon. And the glass of Merlot made it just that much better.

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