Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monopoly, Jesus and Islam

This card was from my Mom's old Monopoly set, the original one, copyright 1936, look at it closely. It promises me that I can use this card, within the confines of the game, of course, to get out of jail without paying any further penalty. It is forthright, and honest in touting it's limited powers.

This card was given to me at a rest stop in South Carolina the other day. I suppose alot of folks shop for religion at rest stops, though I'm not sure why. Anyway, pay attention to the writing. Now, I know what the card is supposed to mean, but being the type who likes to parse words, this one gives me a problem. It says that if I meet you and forget you, I lose nothing. True enough. It then goes on to say that when I die, at which point I presumably lose all, and then meet Jesus, and then turn away from him, I will lose everything. Now, maybe it's just me, but, in theory, having already died there is not much else that I would have to lose. I think I will stick with my Mom's card for the present.

Now, you all know this is tongue in cheek, and not meant to offend anybody, either Christian, or Monopolists. But, considering the recent events in the Middle East, with specific regards to the violence attending any humorists depictions of Prophets, as well as the burning of a Quran, I do feel the need to say thank you for your indulgence, as well as having a sense a humor.

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