Sunday, April 10, 2011

Luis Posada Carriles (or) Why the World Hates Us: An Editorial.

This short article appeared inside the Charlotte Observer on Saturday, April 9th. It was on page 2A, but should have been front page news, rather than the story of the "last minute" agreement that will keep our Government afloat until Thursday. That was a no-brainer. This little article is so much more important. Why? Let me tell you.

The article is important because it goes a long way in explaining why so many people dislike us around the world. Don't get me wrong, they like our lifestyle, fashions and entertainment, but they don't like our government, or it's policies. And they have good reason to feel that way.

This article informs us that for DECADES, one Luis Posada Carriles, an 83 year old Cuban, has been destabilizing governments, while employed by the CIA, in Latin America. He is also wanted for the bombing of several hotels and the downing of at least one passenger airliner. Cuba and Venezuela are both trying to get him extradited to their respective countries in order to try him for acts of terrorism. And they should have that right. The man is a monster, 83 years old notwithstanding.

The United States has taken a very odd position in this affair. On the one hand they have been trying to deport him for 4 years, in an effort to show that we fight terrorism. On the other hand, the court has acquitted him of all charges related to the Immigration Violation, meaning that he can stay here in the United States for as long as he wishes.

What all this amounts to is that terrorism seems to be okay if it's our side inflicting the terror. Ask yourself, what is the difference between the actions of this man, who acted upon the orders of our own government, and those of Islamic terrorists, who are acting upon the orders of their governments? Quick answer, none.

Is it any wonder that so many people hate us for our duplicity in fighting a war on terror when we employ people to blow up airliners and hotels for DECADES? We support men like Mr. Carriles to do our "dirty" work, then put them on mock trial for some minor violation, in order to appease our critics, then we acquit them. Who are the terrorists here? In my opinion, Mr. Carriles should be returned to Cuba, but not to the Cubans. Put him in Gitmo with all the other terrorists. Clearly, that is where he belongs.

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