Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Afternoon in the Sun with Sue.

Sue and I celebrated the Easter Holiday with a late brunch at Mimosa Grill, which was out of this world. They called it a brunch, I called it a Feast! There was everything listed here below, and more, all prepared to perfection, and served with a smile by Hannah, who was our server. She made the visit just that, a visit, rather than a meal. Thanks, Hannah! She also took the photo. Sue looks scared because she's alway thinking about the bill. I don't think, I just eat.

And what better way to end the afternoon than with a walk through Elmwood Cemetery, located just a few blocks from the restaurant. The peaceful vistas, along with the unusual markers found there, make this an interesting place to wander about after a filling meal on a warm (85F) day. Along with a steady breeze to tossle your hair, this was one of those rare Charlotte days that fall between the too short spring, and the oppressive heat of the long, hot summer ahead.

Of course no visit to Elmwood is complete without dropping by the "Big" Elm, so we did. Just to pay our respects. It's one of the most symetrical, and wide, Elm trees I've ever tried to wrap my arms about, and couldn't, although there was a time that I could climb it.

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