Thursday, January 1, 2015

"The Thin Man" with William Powell and Myrna Loy (1936)

Looking for a good New Year’s Day with a little bit of a twist? Look no further than this one. "The Thin Man" is the type of "whodunits" that seldom get made these days. William Powell; impeccably dressed, as always; plays Nick Charles, a former playboy-detective who marries Myrna Loy, who plays Nora Charles; his wife. He has retired from the "detecting" business in order to "keep an eye on my wife's money."

When Mr. and Mrs. Charles arrive in New York just in time for the holidays, the last thing on their minds is to become involved in solving the murder of an old friend, Professor Wynatt. But with the press hounding him, and a wife who wants to see her famous husband in action, there is not much hope in evading the inevitable, as Mr. Charles drinks his way to solving the crime.

Loaded with character actors, the faces of whom you will instantly recognize the film is fast paced and the dialogue witty. Nick and Nora are perfect as they romp their way through the holidays, culminating their investigation with an elegant dinner party, during which the killer is finally exposed. With the case wrapped up in time for New Year’s Eve, the couple happily boards the train for the return trip to San Francisco, and their next escapade.

Long the most admired of the many duos that have played the part of Nick and Nora, both in Hollywood and on TV, William Powell and Myrna Loy have that certain screen chemistry that will make you think they are really married. And with a script based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett, what more could you ask for.

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