Saturday, January 24, 2015

"The Rise of ISIS" - PBS Frontline (2014)

The basic message of this film is that our policy failures under the Bush; and later Obama; administrations are the primary cause of the radical Sunnis going berserk; cutting off heads, burning schools and going back to Sharia law. They ask you to believe that this is all due  Iraqi President Maliki; who is Shiite; double crossing the US and persecuting the Sunnis in violation of the Constitution worked out with the US for governing Iraq after we left. Remember, we had deposed Saddam Hussein; who ruled with an iron fist in order to avoid the chaos which you are seeing now; which is nothing more than the rise of Al Qaeda on steroids, masquerading as ISIS.

This film asks me to believe that the stupidity of Bush and Obama is a legitimate excuse for the barbaric behavior by ISIS. The premise that this is solely in response to Maliki’s double cross is absurd. This is simply the true agenda of Radical Islam unmasked. Maliki and the US aside; this is the chance that the radical Islamics have been waiting for. That we provided them with that opportunity is no excuse for their behavior; either before or after the fact.

While this film is an important one to see; if only to gather some facts; it is important also to realize that it has an agenda. It seems to be aimed squarely at blaming the current reign of ISIS on the Obama and Bush administrations; and hence the West in general; for the terror and insanity of Radical Islam; which ISIS represents. But remember that Islamic extremists have been terrorizing the world for decades now; long before the current state of events. Keep that in mind when watching this film.

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