Friday, January 2, 2015

Little Richard - Still Rock and Rolling.

It's a cold January morning with the entire year ahead of us. Yikes! That's a daunting thought. So, let's start the day with a bit of Little Richard! Between his vocal histrionics, and one of the best left hands in show business, he should be able to get your blood pumping.

In this video he is doing "Long Tall Sally" from the 1956 film "Don't Knock the Rock." This man has influenced so many performers that it would be hard to name them all. From Elvis to the Beatles and the Stones; and all the way up through U2; Richard Penniman has left his mark on the world of music for generations to come. Even my grandchildren know him from Sesame Street and the video "Rubber Ducky."

Here are some other links to help you rock and roll a bit as you go about your daily routine.

This first one is from a 1950's television show. The song "Lucille" would become a signature of Little Richard's and rock and roll in general. It has been covered by too many artists to mention.

This is a fun version of "Good Golly Miss Molly" with John Goodman in it;

And finally, here's a short version of "Rubber Ducky" from Sesame Street.

Note: If Little Richard can't get your motor started then you are probably past saving.

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