Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Don't Love Me Anymore"

It’s hard to be loved when you don’t love yourself to begin with. I mean, if you can’t stand yourself, why should anyone else even try. That is one of life’s hardest lessons to absorb. 

And once you realize it; well then you have to make sure you walk that fine line between a normal, healthy ego and a crippling self-aggrandizement.

On the other hand, if you don’t learn to at least like yourself, then you could end up like the fellow in this song. He finally gets it; but it’s too late to do him any good.


I’m sorry to say but I noticed today
not for the first time.
I know that it’s happened many times before.
With each word that I say I catch you looking away
it’s not the first time.
I’m beginning to feel you don’t want me anymore.


Maybe you've heard my stories once too often.
I certainly never intended to become a bore.
There’s nothing new or exciting I can offer.
I’m beginning to feel you don’t need me anymore.

The smile on your face when you leave for the day
it speaks volumes.
And tells me just how glad you are to go.
I can’t really say that I’m even surprised
or that I blame you.
I’m starting to see you don’t need me anymore.

You know the words, the words to to all the stories.
You've memorized the punch lines, and you know the scores.
And though it's easy to blame you for turning away and leaving,
I never learned how to love myself before.

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