Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day with the Andrew's Sisters

Happy veteran’s Day to all of my fellow alumni who have served in the Armed Forces. Whether it was peacetime service; as mine was; or you saw combat makes no difference. You are unique among your fellow Americans in that you have given something of your selves and helped to move the “machine” forward. It doesn’t mean that we liked the direction of the foreign policies we were/are asked to support; that is for the elected branch of the government to decide. Those who serve do so at their direction; and that direction comes ultimately from all of us, collectively, as citizens.

We have just had an election, and a lot of people may be grumbling. But, put it behind you; just as you once did in the service; in order to help move the “machine forward”. Let’s all play on the same team for the next four years and see what we can do, just as we did as ship’s crews, infantry units or air wing members. Without one another, then, as now, we are no-one.

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