Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day - "For What It's Worth"

Today is Election Day and I truly hope that you will all get out and vote. Every 4 years you are told that “this is the most important election in a lifetime.” I got news for you; they’re all important. Even if you don’t like the candidates for the highest offices, at least make your choices known on the local level. And, when the day is done, and the votes all counted, let’s try to act like civilized people and accept the new President; from whatever party prevails; and unite as Americans to get something done in the next four years. This bickering along party lines has got to stop in order for the country to move forward. That means we have to respect the system and the outcome of the election.

There is much work to be done, and flapping jaws won’t cut it. Vote, and then let your Congressional Representatives and Senators know what you expect of them, regardless of who wins the Presidential race.
I have always loved the sound of this song, as well as the message it carries. The video; courtesy of You Tube; is from the Hollywood Palace TV show in 1967.

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