Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Holiday for Drumsticks" with Daffy Duck (1949)

In this 1949 Daffy Duck cartoon celebrating Thanksgiving, Mel Blanc is at his all-time best providing the voiceovers, as Daffy finds himself the unwitting center of attention after helping a turkey avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner for a hillbilly family.

When the patriarch of the family throws the turkey out in the yard to fatten him up, Daffy is incensed that he will be sharing his food with him. So, he explains to the turkey that in order to avoid being eaten for the holiday, he must lose weight. Of course this leaves all of the food for Daffy, who soon becomes as plump as a turkey, while the turkey becomes emaciated.
But when the holiday rolls around, and the turkey is found to be unsuitable for a feast, all eyes turn to a fattened Daffy for sustenance. Lots of laughs and a clever ending make this cartoon the gem that it is.

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