Friday, November 9, 2012

Paul Harvey - The Boy Who Couldn't Come Inside

When I was growing up Paul Harvey was a staple of AM radio. His “The Rest of the Story” series always began with an air of mystery about them, only to have that mystery solved by the end of his 5 minutes or so. And, the upbeat endings gave the listener a much needed respite from the ordeals of an average day. His topics ranged from history to entertainers; and from fables and myths to morality. And, if you disagreed with him on political issues; and some did dismiss him as a kind of “John Birch Lite”; his voice was still something which you could not ignore.
As a kid I always had a transistor radio close at hand, along with a wristwatch, and I would tune into Paul Harvey at noon; and if my memory serves me correctly, he was also on another station at 4 PM, which I also managed to listen to regularly.

In this story, Mr. Harvey tells us the tale of a boy from the “other side of the tracks”, and how a short meeting with Lonzo Green changed his life, and affected the whole world.

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