Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

It's time, once again, to pay our respects to Mother's everywhere. From Bristol Palin to Clay Aiken; no matter what your gender; if you are playing the role of mother to a child, you are holding/molding the future for the rest of us. Whether you are a "traditional" stay at home mom; or a single working mom; you walk a fine line everyday in the choices you make for your children's futures. The rest of us; those who have past that stage of life; can only stand by, wishing you well, and providing support where necessary. The rest is all on you.

Of course, I had a great Mom; except for when I was about 15-18 years old. Cultural changes were tearing many families apart, and mine was no exception. But, as I got older, she got wiser, and so we reached a point where we were both comfortable with one another. We had stopped expecting the other to be what we expected one another to be. We accepted one another for who we were. It wasn't easy for either of us to get there, but we did.

Anyway, this is just a Mother's Day rambling from a guy whose Mom passed away in 1984. If you got one that's still around, treat her well. You only get one; ever. So, of course, a very Happy Mother's Day to my own mom, Ruth Marcus Williams. I've heard it said that so long as someone still speaks your name, you will live forever. I still hear echoes of you every day.....

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