Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bird Fight

I was eating breakfast on the back porch when I became aware of the screeching of these 2 birds as they flew about the yard. Upon closer examination I realized that they were engaged in a life or death struggle over another, presumably female, bird. There was also the bird feeder to be considered, as the victor would be the one claiming ownership of this coveted spot.

They came down to the ground, battling one another like prize fighters. A left wing to the beak, and even some claws were involved. From there they went on to some vicious pecking of one another, so I lowered the camera and tried to part them.

I got the two to break off the engagement, but they continued to circle one another, looking for a good opportunity to continue the fight. The object of their affections had, by this point, flown away, presumably seeking more sane company; or maybe just another bird feeder; perhaps one with less drama.

And so the winner now sat all alone on the fence, bewildered by the lack of company. He was now the official winner of this amazing aerial combat which interrupted my breakfast, but gave me a ringside seat to the ongoing battle in nature.                                                                   

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