Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"The Island" - A Work In Progress

This is the latest addition to our backyard. Sue has worked very hard on the landscaping around the patio area, creating a really beautiful place for me to relax and read, listen to music, or play guitar. The sad part is that she seldom gets to use it! She's still working, while I loaf about, enjoying the fruits of her labor. She never complains, though I am sure there are times she would like to choke me into silence.

And, here below, is something which I have always wanted, but was unwilling to spend the $100, or more, which it would cost. Sue came home with this from a local Farmer's Market on Saturday. There is a woman there named Mona, who sells all kinds of trees and plants. She has a green house in which she works her magic. Sue picked this beautiful plant up for the amazing price of $10. Mona warned her that it needed to come indoors for the winter, with plenty of sun. So, it will be going home to Mona's greenhouse each winter, free of charge.  Now, that's a bargain!

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