Monday, May 7, 2012

Gitmo Defense Attorney - Head Case?

Attorney Cheryl Bormann, a non-Muslim representing alleged terrorist Walid bin Attash, has made a fool of herself at the hearings being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (That’s Gitmo to those of us who have had the "pleasure" of a port "visit" there while serving in the Navy.)

While I really don’t have a problem with her making a fool of herself over the issue of respecting the religious rights of the suspects in the trial; I do resent that she is attempting to make fools of the rest of us. Ms. Bormann was making the demand/request that all females present at the trial dress in a more modest fashion, so as not to cause her client to inadvertently commit a “sin” by looking at them. It would, she infers, be an atrocity.

She, herself, has chosen to don the black religious garment required of all Muslim women. It is, I believe, a very transparent, albeit misguided attempt, to infuse the military tribunal with an air of tolerance for the religious beliefs of the defendants.

Her client, who is an accused terrorist from Yemeni, is undoubtedly gloating at the thought of the political havoc he is creating with this issue.  But he has miscalculated the chief military prosecutor, Brig. Gen. Mark Martins, who refused the request on its face, as unworthy of a response. We applaud his willingness to do the politically “incorrect” thing in response to this absurd demand from an obviously Islamic influenced attorney. That the request was made on behalf of a thug like her client speaks volumes about Ms. Bormann herself.

If the trend of “tolerance” for terrorists is allowed to take hold, does Ms. Bormann not realize that she may someday be required to dress this way permanently? What happens to the rights of the rest of us then? Will Ms. Bormann defend our rights with the same vigor? Probably not, since she would, under the laws of Sharia, be ineligible to hold the position which she enjoys now.

As for attire that is appropriate in court; how about putting these guys in orange jumpsuits, just like all other prisoners wear? Or, better yet, make ‘em all wear suits and ties, with new shoes.

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