Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Dinosaur In a Changing World

I'm not very keen on "changes"; I tend to like things to remain sort of "static". Friday night, when I went to post for Saturday, I was confronted by the new “blogspot” changes, which are not at all welcome by me. For a few brief moments I considered the possibility of quitting. But that's not really my style, so I'm going to shoulder on; hopefully with some success as I navigate the unknown. Bear with me as I play the part of “dinosaur" in this brave new world. Today I will be toying with the "whistles and bells" as I learn the new ropes. Of course, if I were to watch the tutorial on the site it may be of some help. But I hate doing that. I have never been one for following the instructions; instead I curse my way through to the finish. It's sort of like On the Job Training, that old euphemism for being thrown into the fire, hoping to escape getting burned in the process.  And we all know how that works out! So, bear with me as I get used to these changes.

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