Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Out on a Limb" with Donald Duck and Chip 'n Dale (1950)

I chose this cartoon because it is one of the few which feature the Donald Duck theme song. Many people are unaware that he even had one. I especially like the harmonies, which are indicative of the late 1940’s and 1950’s style, performed tightly, almost as if they were one voice. Also, this is one of a series of Donald Duck cartoons featuring Chip and Dale.

Cartoons are a distinct memory for me as a child. We got our first TV in 1957. I remember getting up early each morning about 6:30 and turning the TV on. My brother and I would sit through about 5 minutes of the “Test Pattern” before the National Anthem was played. It was accompanied by film of the National Monuments in Washington and a flyover of some Air Force jets. It may seem hokey now, but to a little kid during the Cold War, that short film made me feel as if we were the top dogs in the world.  Enjoy the cartoon!

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