Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wrecking the Car

I was on my way home about 5 PM today when I managed to smack the car in front of me - really hard, too. Aside from the obvious and fatal damage to my beloved Mitsubishi, the other guy was taken away in a neck brace and ambulance. The hospital will be calling later to fill me in on his condition. His name is Craig, but he was in no shape to exchange info beyond inquiring about my injuries. And I was equally concerned about his.

208,000 miles and I loved that car. It was just inspected 3 weeks ago and passed with flying colors. With a new set of tires, brand new catalytic converter, and a kick ass Boss stereo system, including a USB port, she will be missed.

But I did get to take home a little memento of the occasion - it seems that there is a big lump on my head and my right knee hurts. Aside from that, I'm fine. But, we're a one car family now.

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