Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Brooklyn" with James Cagney from "The West Point Story"

This is a scene from the 1950 film "The West Point Story" with James Cagney, Virginia Mayo and Doris Day. At 2 minutes 26 seconds in this clip, Cagney sings about walking down Kings Highway. The movie is a bit dated, but still captures the spirit of the city. And Mr. Cagney's tribute to B,K,L,Y,N really does make me want to go back and walk down Kings Highway again.

The plot involves Broadway director Bix Bixby, played by James Cagney, who is down on his luck due to a gambling problem. He is persuaded to go to West Point military academy with Eve, his secretary and sometimes lover, to help put on a show. A cute story with plenty of singing and dancing, this one was a surprise for me, as I had not seen it before. But of course the best part was this when Cagney is lined up with the other cadets, still in civilian clothes, and tells them about Brooklyn.

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