Wednesday, February 29, 2012

John Lennon with George Harrison (1971)

I love the process involved in making records. It's "magic", mixed in with a bit of technology, and a ton of emotions. In this clip from You Tube, John Lennon records "Oh, My Love" for his second solo album, "Imagine", with a little help from George Harrison on guitar, and Nicky Hopkins on electric piano. John played the acoustic piano on the recording. Phil Spector is also present, although he seems to contribute nothing of value to the session. This was a few years before he got mad and fired a pistol into the studio ceiling, which caused John Lennon to ban him forever as his producer.

The real meat of this video is in the transformation which the song takes; from a discussion about the meaning of love, to the first; and unorganized, version of the recording; and then through a bit of anger, before emerging, beginning at 2 minutes and 55 seconds into the film, as the wonderfully sensitive ballad which it is. Especially of interest to me is watching George Harrison effortlessly move about the neck of his guitar, totally at peace with himself, as well as his instrument. I'm still trying, on both accounts.

Happy Leap Year! See you tomorrow with an actual review of something....

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