Saturday, February 11, 2012

"The Wise Little Hen" - Walt Disney (1934)

This is a "Silly Symphony" cartoon from 1934. The "Silly Symphony" cartoons were the means by which Walt Disney built up his cast of cartoon characters, starting with the earlier Mickey Mouse cartoons in black and white. In this cartoon, Donald Duck makes his first appearance as a duck who doesn't want to do his share of the work in helping to gather corn.

Along with Pete Pig, the two feign stomach aches in order to escape the work. But the Wise Old Hen has a surprise in store for the two when they go to eat some of the corn that she has gathered for the other animals. This is a very simple, and age appropriate cartoon which extolls the virtues of working for what you want, or need. All of the classic cartoons from the 1930's evoke the values of hard work, and charity, which would help carry America through the Great Depression.

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