Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update: Midnight - Rooftop's Cat

A quick update on Midnight, or "Meow", as he prefers to be called, the cat who seems to have adopted us as his benefactors for the winter, and maybe longer! All of the shelters, which are of the "no-kill" variety, are full, etc. And, of course, nobody seems to want him, as in, "My other cat may not like him" etc. So, he has definitely taken up residence with us for the winter. He doesn't want to use the community "cathouse" a neighbor has provided down the street, either.

Naturally, he gives us moments of high drama, as in the little episode a few weeks back, when he was snatched and taken for a short flight by one of the many large hawks which abound in our area. But, I feed him rather well, and he has gained weight, so the hawk couldn't hold him. The good news is that the drop didn't kill him, but the sad news is that the hawk's talons really sliced up his neck and ear a bit. So, we let nature take its course, and he's doing much better now, though he seems to look up a lot more than he used to. Then there was the day and a half he was gone because he snuck into a neighbor's garage as they were leaving for the weekend and the door was closing.

He still can't enter our home, due to my allergies, but, somehow he seems to like it at our place. Maybe it's the warm canned foods he gets on these frosty mornings, along with the warm skim milk in the evenings that keeps him around. And then again, how could any cat resist this cardboard, felt lined, heated shelter in our garage? He seems quite happy with the arrangement, in spite of Sue and I constantly "looking in" on him, disturbing him when he is in deep thought, contemplating the great cat issues of the day, such as, "Wonder how long 'til dinner?” There is nobody, in the entire world, more surprised by my having a cat, than I.

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