Friday, November 25, 2011

Chinese Jewish Sign

This sign was sent by an old classmate from Cunningham Juinor High School, Steven Parker. If you're from New York, or any large city in the country that has a sizeable Jewish population, it should make you laugh. I once had a friend whose father was supposedly Kosher. He really loved Chinese food, especially the Pork Fried Rice. How is this possible? It's really very simple; before entering the restaurant he would ask me to be sure and order the Pork Fried Rice. Then, when it was served, he would place his fork over my plate and ask, as innocently as possible, "Do you mind if I try some of your Beef Fried Rice?" I never said no. Besides, I think that everyone at the table knew anyway.

I'm taking the day off, and skipping Black Friday shopping, which is something I never do anyway. I like shopping for the holidays in the middle of the week, at about 3 PM. The stores are always empty, and there's plenty of sales help if you need it.

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