Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Searching For Cider

It all started when Sue wanted to get some apple cider, you know, the real fresh, down home, locally grown, environmentally friendly type of apple cider. So, we decided to head about 10 miles north of us towards Mooresville, in Iredell County, where we figured it would be easy to score some cider. Instead, we got pumpkins, fields and fields of them! Brooklyn, New York used to have many such farms when my Dad was a kid. He often told me about them, but I never saw one growing up, so it is still a bit of magic for me to behold one. All that's missing is Linus and Charlie Brown!

In our continued journey to find the elusive elixir, we entered Rowan County, a bit East of Mooresville. It was there that we ran into this dazzling field of cotton, ready for picking, on a glorious fall day. Of course, we had to stop and get a few bolls for souvenirs, they are a beautiful piece of work in their natural state. We played in the fields a bit before heading forth, once again, in our quest to quench our thirst for the bubbly beverage. This time we headed toward Kannapolis.

When we first saw the dome of this building, I knew we were around the corner from the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, which adjoins the Kannapolis Research Center, the main building of which houses this beautiful mural in the dome of the main building. Somehow, the doors were unlocked, and the security guard was friendly, so we snapped a few pictures, chatted a bit, and then left, still searching for the tantilizing taste of the fermented fruit. But, time was growing short, so we decided to go eat instead.

Which led us to our usual table, by the fire, at one of our favorite local restaurants, Firebird's, where we shared our traditional combination of a huge Spinach Salad and an equally large, double portion of Pecan Encrusted Trout. Our plans for next weekend are to actually find some cider.

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