Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Cat

This is Midnight, the cat who has adopted me. We have settled into an easy relationship over the past month or so. He sleeps outside, by the front door, or in one of the porch chairs. He likes to be "talked" to in a soft manner and comes when called, just like a dog.

Clearly this is someone's housecat, and we have been trying to find it's owner. We have advertised on Craig's list and in the newspaper. We actually had one person come to look and see if it was their cat - but, no luck, they wouldn't have him, the eyes were different!

I have tried the shelters that won't kill him, but they are full. I have asked all the animal "lovers" I know if they would take this wonderful cat into their home. He has clearly been trained, and has most likely been nuetered, etc. But not one person has stepped up to the plate for "Midnight". I have allergies that prevent me from taking this little fellow into my home. All I can do is feed him and let him sleep on the porch chair. But it's getting cold out at night now and I worry about the winter coming up.

Midnight is a lot tougher now than when he first showed up at our door. I feed him at his pleasure - dry food several times a day, and canned tuna fish about twice a week. He loves that!

Well, I gotta go, Midnight is outside meowing for his breakfast. It was chilly last night, so I will give him some warm skim milk with his breakfast. He loves that, too.

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