Monday, October 31, 2011

Midnight - My Halloween Cat

Midnight is all set for Halloween. With a pumpkin and broom for company, he is a welcome, and distinct, addition to our holiday decor. He has adapted nicely to the change in weather, opting to live down the road by the storm drain culvert, where it is relatively warm. Coupled with meals at our place, he seems to be healthier, and more playful, than when he adopted us a few months ago.

The shelters here are all full, and no-one seems to want him, so I guess he's mine now. It's kind of cool to have him greet Sue and I when we arrive home, and with his distinctive "Meow", there is no mistaking his presence. And, just like me, he enjoys talking, although I have not yet mastered his language. No matter, he enjoys talking, and loves to have his head scratched while he does.

So, tonight he will be with us at the front door, giving out candy. He gets his cut, though. Before he goes "home" each evening, I give him some microwaved canned liver, or chicken. And, if he's been especially helpful, he gets real people tuna fish.

Well, have a safe and fun Halloween. There's only a sliver of moon tonight, so it will be especially dark and scary. Wear something bright, and be safe!


It's now almost 8 PM and the crowd of kids is thinning out. Here is an assortment of some of the kids who came to haunt us - and left with chocolate....

A Pirate and a Princess....

2 Princesses with a Mummy for protection....

2 girls from down the street....

2 boys from down the street. I love the jester cap. Quasimoda lives!

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