Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall in My Yard

The elephant ears were 7 foot tall,
They stood to defy the arrival of fall.
But now they don’t seem so tall at all,
As they await the coming of winter.

The magnolia tree with its blossoms white,
Fading away with summer’s light.
Will be back next year, to my delight,
After the cold days of winter.

The little flowers that fill the bed,
the chill in the air is something they dread.
There’ll be something else comes spring in their stead,
After the passing of winter.

We are young, the cycle’s old,
This wandering from heat to cold.
Around a sun of shining gold
Into the grips of winter.

What is this loss I seem to feel,
When the sun begins to peel
The veneer of warmth which felt so real,
Laying us bare to winter?

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