Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cat Food - They Warned Me...

Everyone warned me, so I can't say that I entered this relationship blindly. "If you feed a cat once, it'll be back forever." Okay, so they were right. I gave this little feline friend a bowl of cold milk on a hot summer day and now she greets me each morning, meowing loudly to me as I bring in the morning paper. Actually, she is already waiting by the door, keening for her breakfast. And I get it for him/her. I'm allergic to cats and can't turn it over to see what it is.

Yesterday morning she was doing her act, I do think it's a she cat, and I was desperate to find her something to eat. It appears that the neighbors, who were also feeding her, have either left town, or have decided to leave feeding the cat to me. So, she got tuna fish for breakfast.

Last evening, Sue bought a more cost effective box of dry cat food for our new "pet." And when she came home, the cat was already waiting. It was as if she knew Sue was going to the store for her. And she was right. Now, if I can only train her to bring me my morning paper....

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