Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Every Streets a Boulevard" from "Living It Up" with Jerry Lewis

It's hard to believe that Jerry Lewis will not be appearing on the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon this weekend for the first time since it was broadcast, locally, in New York several years prior to the popularly acknowledged date of 1966 at the Americana Hotel. Actually, the first one was held in 1952. If you don't believe me, hit this Wikipedia link for yourself. I don't need it, I grew up in Brooklyn and we used to collect change for the Telethon, and even go to the lobby of whatever hotel was hosting it, to drop off the coins.

I'm not sure of who is responsible for deciding that Jerry Lewis will no longer be the Emcee of what was essentially "his baby", but I do know it will never be the same without him. So, for all the Jerry Lewis fans out there, here is the master Emcee himself, along with Dean Martin, celebrating life on the streets of the Big Apple, in the 1954 comedy hit "Living It Up." Listen for those high harmonies from Jerry Lewis and think about how hard it must have been to sing them with such force. He really does outdo Dean Martin in the sheer exuberance of his performance. Like I said, this is a uniquely talented man, and as such, his presence on the Telethon will be sorely missed.

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