Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Skills Like This" with Spencer Bergen and Brian D. Phelan

When would be plawright Max's grandfather suffers a stroke at the premeir of Max's play, he decides that a career change might be in order. On a whim he robs a bank without any planning or premeditation. Realizing that he has at last found something he can do well, he sets out to make his mark in this newly chosen profession.

He is accompanied willingly by one of his two friends Tommy (Brian D. Phelan), while his sanity is seriously questioned by the other, Fred (Gabriel Tigerman). This provides for some hilarious adventure and fun as the trio try to make sense of what is happening to them. Throw in sexy and sympathetic bank teller Lucy (Kerry Knuppe) and the adventure only gets better.

Directed in a quick but quite coherent way adds to the charm of this film. The music is representative of todays alternative music scene in Denver, which I found very listenable. This movie is worth your time to watch.

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