Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Local Zoological Garden

There's a place near us that Sue and I visited last Sunday in preparation for the Invasion Of the Grandkids next weekend. We're lining up stuff for them to do. So we took a look at this place up in Troutman, about 15 miles from us, that has a petting zoo and a Western type exhibit. That's me negotiating a family rate with one of the owners. He didn't commit himself to a deal however, being more of the silent type. I wonder if that was a pistol in his pocket or if he was just glad to see me?

Now this little baby is one of the things I like about the place. You get to play with the tigers. This little fellow has paws the size of my head. He's all tuckered out from the last group of kids that came through and played with him. Man, what a job! So we'll be taking a trip there soon with the grandkids. I'll let you know how it goes. And we'll have to remember and ask the kids to take it easy on that poor tiger cub.

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