Friday, June 25, 2010

An Open Letter to Harry Reid

Honorable Senator Reid,

I called your office today as a Veteran and a fellow American to ask about the future/ if any plans concerning Unemployment Extensions. I understand that the bill was voted down last night due to a Republican road block. To that end I have been calling Richard Burr of my home state, who is one of the obstructionist Republicans of whom I am speaking.

Your office staff has treated me so rudely and with such dismissal that I am now leaving the Democratic Party. To be treated this way, at such a volatile time amidst our present troubles, is quite beyond the pale. This is not the first time that this has happened when I call your office.

The people answering your phones are rude, ill informed and unaware of the fact that they work for the people, just as you do.

I would ask that you rebuke these employees and aides under your command for their lack of manners and empathy, even as they themselves, like you, feed at the Public Trough. 900,000 people will lose their Unemployment Benefits in the next few weeks while you continue to enjoy all the luxuries and perks of your position at the expense of the taxpayers.

A copy of this letter will be posted at Rooftop Reviews
as well as passed on to the Charlotte Observer.

Your failure as Majority Leader in the Senate will not pass unnoticed. The people will speak this fall, and Republican Obstructionism not withstanding, the Democratic Party will bear the full responsibility for it's own ineptness and lack of leadership.

Robert Williams

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