Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Frogs Are Back In Town

It's that time of year again when you can listen to the song of the frog. This little fellow was on my porch with some friends last night when I surprised him. An old poem, or short rhyme that I used to know says a lot about these little guys. Let's see if I can remember it;

The frog he sits, almost.
When he hops, he flies, almost.
And when he sits,
he sits on what he ain't got, almost.

It's no secret that I love amphibious creatures. They are pretty gentle, with the exception of crocodiles and alligators, of course. But frogs and turtles have long been my freinds. Hardly a year goes by that I don't grab a turtle off the centerline of the road. Not knowing which way they are headed I usually take them home, where I release them after playing a bit. I also like to show them to any kids in the neighborhood that might be interested. So far this year, no turtles, just frogs.

It's also the time of year for that time honored sport of "gigging" frogs. For those who are unfamiliar with this sport, it simply involves going out and grabbing some frogs as they try to leap away. When you catch some you put them in a croker sack, if you're playing strictly by the rules. But even a simple handkerchief will suffice for this fun, catch and release game of wits between a human and an amphibian.

We did that today at my son's place with my grandaughters. Another family tradition, I suppose. No pictures because the game is just too fast paced and packed with action. We did got one for them to hold, but not too tightly. Hopefully the lesson is not lost, that in life, sometimes you have to be prepared to let go. As I teach them I am learning so much from my grandkids, and that amazes me.

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