Monday, June 22, 2009

Mooresville Library- The Pyschiatrists Are In

One of the most frequently asked questions I get (twice now!) is “Where do I get my books?” The answer is I don’t- the Libraries listed to the right do the “getting”. I do the reading. It’s a great arrangement and as long as I return things they let me take more.

Of the two libraries that I use, the Mooresville Town Library is the most unique, from an architect's point of view. You see, they took the old library and kept it- building the new one around it. Not a board was changed in the old section. You can still smell the mustiness in the old reading room- now ironically named “The Williams Wing.” But I swear- no relation!

The Library was renovated about 8 years ago utilizing the natural slope to enlarge the basement for a modern meeting room and afterschool area. The upstairs was enlarged in to about 5 times the shelf space and a wide open, naturally lit reading and Internet area.

While both Libraries have up to date computers and Internet as well as DVD’s, the Mooresville Library retains the small town charm. Joyce- pictured here below at work-and the rest of the staff are all knowledgeable and helpful in every way.

The Librarians here have watched some or most of the towns children grow up. Grammar school to High School Grads. They know them all, they greet everyone, and like the old Peanuts cartoon sign “The Pyschiatrist Is In”, they listen with real interest to what people have to say. Not just about books. Of course they give and take patron recommendations, but like the Peanuts sign implies- they are always there with a sympathetic ear to listen to a hard luck story or share a joke. Really-hundreds of people a day come through there with hundreds of different moods, and I have never seen anyone leave without a smile.

Notice: If you think you have no relationship to the Town of Mooresville- think again. Now look amongst the change in your pocket at the dime. Selma Burke- a local Black sculptress submitted that bust of Roosevelt in 1945 for the memorial dime that bears his name - And it has been slipping through your hands for 64 years….

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