Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kudzu- Road Trippin'

I never saw it before I moved to North Carolina 11 years ago- but the instant I saw it- looming Brontosarous style on the side of Route 115 towards Statesville- I knew what it was.

It takes certain shapes (depending on your imagination- like clouds.) See the elephant above on the bottom photo? Nomatter, I do.

From what I understand of the local history, Kudzu first made it's appearance in the late 1920's as an erosion deterrent to help the farmers. That was before it morphed into the 35 mile unbroken chain from Statesville to Charlotte.

It respects only where the cars do not travel daily and will quickly overtake any unused road within one year. I have found myself at times, as an Estimator, hacking my way through it with a machete along an old roadway, long overgrown- it was like being in Burma.

But then again it is so green and lush you have to love it.Coming from Brooklyn, N.Y. where it's cold half the year and nothing blossoms until May, I have come to respect this vine which dies out each year and then returns - every year - greener and thicker than the year before; as if defying anything or anyone to stop it.

Oh sure, the 35 mile line of Kudzu has been broken here and there by the occasional development- but you know what? Come back in about 50 years and see what's still here. My money is on the Kudzu.And that kinda makes you wonder.....

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