Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

This is a photo of me from 1987, the year I became a father. I already had 2 stepsons, but the haunted, frightened look on my face is that of a newly minted Dad. Sarah had been born that winter and I hadn’t slept since she came home.

It’s Father’s day; again. Being a father did not come “naturally” to me. I was as ill-suited for the role as my own parents were. The only difference is that I have always been willing to admit it. The daily grind of being a parent is probably only exceeded by the daily grind of being a kid.

Now, as a kid you have less money than your folks, and more time on your hands. But, for the parents it’s just the opposite; they may have more money than the kids, but it doesn’t go very far because they have kids. And as far as time goes, forget about it. It will be at least 18 years from the birth of your first child until you will have any real spare time again. And, by then you will be too old to do stuff anyway.

However, as I look at my kids today; and the grandkids; I’m glad to have made the journey and come through fairly intact. I even feel a real sense of satisfaction. The future is assured.

Thanks Keith, Shane and Sarah. I'm proud to be your father.

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