Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Stand Up Guys" with Walken, Pacino and Arkin (2013)

When Val; played by Al Pacino; is released from prison after 28 years he is welcomed back into “the world” by his old partner in crime “Doc”; played by Christopher Walken. The two men are part of a trio who were involved in a shootout which left the son of a local mob boss dead. That boss has waited for 28 years to have “Doc” kill his old partner or be killed himself.

Without telling Val about the plan, Doc takes his old friend out for one last crazy night. They even go to the old age home where their 3rd partner, Hirsch; played to perfection by Alan Alda; and take him along for the ride.

This may be one of the sharpest of all the “old guy/glory day” movies that have come along in recent years. The emphasis here is on old friendships and consequences. Great direction and a wonderful screenplay make this film al that it should be.

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