Friday, September 5, 2014

Move Over Barack - Elizabeth is Not the Queen!

President Obama is not the only world leader to have his legitimacy questioned in recent years. While looking up something on You Tube concerning the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 I ran across this intriguing short documentary. Basically, it follows the family lineage of Queen Elizabeth back through the centuries in order to prove that Elizabeth is not the rightful heir to the throne of England.

Ordinarily I would not really have spent much time watching the video, but it is pretty interesting. Not in respects to the purpose stated; that Elizabeth is not the rightful heir; but for the wealth of English history contained in the film. For Americans, English history can be a bit confusing, but this neatly constructed video forms a tight little package covering the years of the English Civil War and Cromwell’s March; both seminal events in the understanding of both England as a world Empire, and the Britain of today.

You have to wonder if this film has been of any comfort to President Obama. He has been under attack about that birth certificate for so long now that this film must surely have the effect of making him feel not so alone anymore. I’m glad I’m not a politician, or a world leader in any respect. It would be so difficult to wake up one day and find out that I’m not really me!

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