Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Saturday After Midnight

You could never tell where the kitten
would be sittin’.
He had so many places he liked to hide.

In the summer it was the porch
lying in the shade.
In the winter he found shelter inside.

In the garage there was a heating pad and chair.
And on summer stormy nights
there was a Christmas tree in there,
and he took special comfort from the lights.

We ran them anytime,
when the wind began to whine
or thunder cracked.

And it worked in winter, too,
making him feel that he was warmer than he was.
He loved that tree.

And the shadow from the lights grew longer
as the kittens time grew shorter;
‘til there was an empty place on my porch.

In my garage, the Christmas tree is gone;
the lights only lit the empty spaces in the night.

For Midnight - He was a great cat.

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